NFW 2018

With Nashville having such a primary focus on music, it was refreshing to see the fashion industry take the lead. We love that Nashville Fashion Week dedicates time to gather the whole community together to support gifted designers that, in our opinion, don't always receive enough attention. We were so honored to get the opportunity to interview some of these designers and learn more about their collections. We had the pleasure of interviewing, Laura Citron, Andrew Gallivan, Natalie Condon, and Anna Sui (read/watch full interview here)  


First we interviewed Laura Citron. With inspiration from Iris Apfel and Gucci at the moment, her collection was filled with vibrant prints and pieces that really caught the eye. Citron said, “It's the hardest thing when you’re fabric shopping because you have to make that call on the fabric that's going to dictate your collection. So I try to look for things that are completely different than anything else that stand out but are still sort of wearable.” Her favorite print she used in this collection was seen on the runway in her Lady Jumpsuit and reversible Lady Kimono.  In addition to having pressure behind perfecting designs, we also talked about the pressures of women starting careers in the fashion industry. She gave a piece of wisdom by reminding us to never give up, she said, “It's really easy to give up and I think in the age of Instagram, it's really easy to compare yourself to everyone and say “why am I not there yet?” but you just have to keep going.” Lastly, we asked Laura to describe her collection in one word and she replied by saying “David Bowie circus on acid.” We truly couldn’t agree more! Shop Citron’s collection on her website,

Here are some pictures of Laura’s Spring Collection:


The second interview of the night was with Nashville native, Andrew Gallivan. Gallivan is a designer currently based out of Brooklyn, NY. He states that his collection can be described in one word as confidence! He encourages woman to take fashion risks and his collection couldn’t exemplify that more. We absolutely loved his sexy silhouettes and trendy fabrics including denim, silk, vinyl and leather giving us all the “cool girl” vibes.  Gallivan has an emphasis on remaining eco-friendly by using “dead stock” fabrics and recycled denim. This truly makes for custom pieces that are unlike anyone else’s. His mantra is less is more with a focus on designing quality pieces that allow women to have a minimal and capsule wardrobe without sacrificing style. When we asked Andrew what his favorite piece of the collection is “I really like the finale piece” which was a beautiful layered polka dot dress. With two of his t shirts already on the way, we can’t wait to continue building our Andrew Gallivan wardrobe. You can buy all of his pieces on his website,, where the spring collection will soon be available!

Here are some pictures of Andrew Gallivan Collection:


On Saturday night we chatted with Natalie Condon who is the vice president of Hickey Freeman Tailored Clothing, INC. Hickey Freeman is a menswear brand manufactured in Rochester, NY. Their collection was presented at NFW, by Levy’s Nashville. We asked Condon what her favorite pieces from the collection were and she said, the velvet, dinner jackets, and then the one that we closed the show with, the silk skull jacket, with all the details, just because it’s such a, like, fashion statement piece.” We then elaborated on how we love menswear inspired fashion for women. Condon believes it's all about the blurred lines and we should mix it up; “We are powerful, bold women playing in a forum where, again, it’s all about just holding your head high, wear what suits your mood and your expression, and it doesn’t matter whether its women’s or men’s. We’re in that state right now of the country where it’s like, who cares? Just wear what feels good on you and what makes you feel most empowered.” We were truly inspired by Condon’s words and loved her emphasis on the fact that there are no rules in today’s world on fashion. You can shop Hickey Freeman’s collection on their website,

Here are some pictures of the Hickey Freeman Collection: