Fin & Pearl

Fin & Pearl is one of the very few fresh seafood restaurants in Nashville! Delivering a bright and beachy vibe, it is truly a gem of the booming Nashville foodie scene. The interior is so beautiful as it transports you to an elegant seaside bar with it's washed wood, marble accents, nautical decor, and decorative tile floors. Fin & Pearl offers many menus such as breakfast, brunch, lunch, midday, ocean bar, dinner and more. We enjoyed an amazing lunch, also ordering from the ocean bar and cocktail menu. We could not resist to get two amazing desserts. Overall our dinning experience was AMAZING! 

What we drank: 

  • Lavender Pearl 
  • Rum Buzz Daiquiri (I literally HATE the taste of alcohol and this was sooo good!)

What we ate: 

  • Tuna Poke (Rapa Nui style)*
  • Mussels*
  • PO'Boy 
  • Tejano Shrimp Tacos
  • Jerk Chicken*
  • Angel Fish Cake* 
  • Chocolate Truffle Torte

(* indicates our favorite dishes, although everything was truly so tasty)

For our Saturday Day Date we wore elevated casual looks. Since it is still a transitional weather season, we wanted to brighten up our average colder weather outfits by incorporating an aspect of some spring trends we are too excited about: white culottes and wide leg trousers. Pairing the springy whites with a cute bootie, sweater, or coat can tie everything back in for dressing in the February weather. Overall the dress code for a Fin & Pearl day date can look like a Saturday out on the town where you can finally wear that new cute leather jacket, pair of bootie heels, or sweater-dress you just bought!