We had the honor of meeting and interviewing the iconic, Anna Sui at her pop-up shop located at Third Man Records. This was truly one of the highlights of not only our weekend, but career overall. Sui’s SS18 collection is absolutely breathtaking. It features bold and psychedelic prints, colors to reference the artistic vibe during the counter culture. There’s no way you couldn't feel fabulous with wearing any of her pieces. The inspiration behind the collection was based on the exhibition called "Counter-Couture: Handmade Fashion in an American Counterculture" curated by Guest Curator Michael Cepress at the Museum of Arts and Design in Manhattan. You can learn more about this exhibition here:

The interview took place in the Third Man Records Blue Room.

You can watch the full interview here: 


S: With your collection, we were just wondering if you could tell us just a little snippet of a story or your inspiration behind your collection this season.

Anna: Ok sure, um, you know there was an exhibition in New York called Counter Couture, and I had seen pictures of a lot of these clothes but never saw them in person, and the curator put together the whole story where he hunted down all these clothes that were in – there’s a book called, um, Native Funk and Flash, and it was clothes made in the 60s, but all handcrafted, either embroidery, batik, um, patchwork, and very obsessive kind of design. Um, I would see like little snippets in like black and white photos and never thought about the person behind it, but he had stories about the people behind it.

S: I love that, that’s fantastic. So inspirational.

O: So how are you enjoying your visit to Nashville so far?

Anna: Oh, it’s been so much fun! Um, I got a little mini tour of Nashville this morning, we had breakfast on the east side at Café Rose.

S: Oh it’s so good, we love it! Yeah, so yummy.

Anna: It’s so yummy! Really good. And then we drove through the east side and then came back through the honky tonk area, um I wanted to see the nudie honky tonk…we didn’t stop but I know where it is now, so I can go check it out later. And then Manuel, but he was closed today so it was like oh nooo!

O: And so what have you admire most about Nashville’s creative community thus far?

Anna: Well I think it’s the energy that’s here! It’s so exciting, there’s just like, I mean, you’re on the verge of like, just like, is exploding. And I think that it’s such a wonderful place to be if you want to be creative, if you’re either in the arts, music, or fashion, there’s just so much happening. Um, and I think that it’s going to be a mecca, for like, a lot of young artists and people that want to be creative.

S: Couldn’t agree more. So all in all, what advice do you have for women starting businesses in the fashion industry?

Anna: Oh, that’s a tough one. Um, I think if you heard my talk yesterday, I mentioned about the determination that you need. I think that there’s so much competition. There’s so many people going to design school these days. Um, my graduating class was 35, there’s 350 at Parsons now, graduating. I think that, multiply that by all the design schools that are around where, again, in my day there weren’t that many design schools, you have a lot of competition. And a lot less industry. So the amount of determination and drive, um, I think will really be what makes you successful.

S: Wonderful!

O: Point taken!

S: We got it, that’s perfect for us. And that’s it! Thank you so much for sitting down with us, this was such an honor!

Anna: Of course! Thank you.

S: And is it ok if we get a photo with you?

Anna: Of course.


The finale show featuring Sui's collection was a true once in a lifetime experience for Nashville Fashion Week! Starting with a surprise performance by Karen Elson was a perfect way to circle back to the theme of intertwining fashion and music to represent the theme behind her collection.  Being able to watch her designs float down the runway was a vision we’d never forget. Not only was her collection captivating, but we loved the music she chose for her show. Blasting the Beatles, “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds” with the finale look couldn’t be more of a perfect fit. We were able to congratulate Sui again after her show and overall are very appreciative of the time she took out of her busy schedule to meet and chat with us. Overall, we are huge Anna Sui fans and will be cherishing our t shirts and signed book forever!