OUAI is the only product line I will use. It allows me to wear my hair natural and prevents build up. Beforehand, I would apply heat to my hair almost everyday - now I rarely curl or straighten it. Below are a handful of their products I use daily!


Air Dry Foam: This product makes getting ready in the morning so much easier. Just hop out of the shower, tousle your hair with the mousse, and you’re good to go!

Wave Spray: I use this product after applying the air dry foam to my hair - it helps me accomplish the most effortless beach waves!

Volumizing Spray: This product instantly gives my hair a boost. I spray right underneath my roots and oh la la you got some volume!

Rose Hair and Body Oil: Goodbye flyaways! This oil has worked best for taming my little hairs & feels great on your skin!

Repair Conditioner: After one use I was hooked! Growing up, I colored and bleached my hair a lot. This conditioner has helped restore my ends like no other.

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