Material World

If you're a lover of high fashion, but only for a fraction of the price then Material World is the place for you! Material World is an online luxury consignment shop that is redefining the way the fashion industry works. They encourage their consumers to support fashion sustainability by understanding that every decision made is essential. For example, cleaning and storing your designer shoes properly so they could once be resold in excellent condition! 

One of their main focuses is to offer services that support a circular economy.  Material World created a subscription called, Material Box, which can be received either monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly. A Material Box is a curated package with five items that are tailored to your style. Almost all of the pre-owned designer pieces are always half the price of retail. After filling out our questionnaires, a Material World stylist picked out five incredible styles that were sent straight to our doors! Fortunately, they do not charge you upfront; only after you decide to keep a style. Before receiving our Material Box, we assumed that the items would either be out of style or out of our price range. However, when we received our boxes we were shocked at how amazing all of the pieces were and how even more amazing the prices were. Most items even had all orginal tags still on!

As bloggers and fashion lovers, we buy so many new pieces that we end up never wearing or giving away in a year or less. After this experience, we learned that the fashion industry is the second largest polluter right behind big oil! How crazy is that? Therefore, we love any idea that supports fashion sustainability! We are working towards changing our perspective on shopping, and the Material Box is a perfect place to start. 

Perks of using Material World:

  • If you keep one or more items, your stylist fee of $25 is waived.

  • If you keep all five items, then you get 20% off your whole purchase.

Here’s how it works:

  • Sign up and create an account with Material World.

  • Complete the stylist questionnaire answering questions about size and fit, your style, brands you love, and your ideal budget.

  • Wait for your box!

  • Once you receive your box, you have four business days to try everything on and decide what you are keeping or returning!

  • Complete your checkout form online within four days and send the rest of the stuff back.

  • You can throw in some of your preloved designer items for a “trade in” with the rest of the stuff you’re returning, and they will send you an offer!

  • How easy is this!? All you have to do is sit back and relax while the stylists pick out your curated box, try on all the fun items, shop, trade in, and return what you don't want!