A Look into My Designer Vintage Collection: Dior, Gucci and more!

I have recently been into building a special designer vintage collection for myself consisting of a mix of statement and classic pieces that I hunt for anywhere and everywhere! What will I do with this collection? Not sure! I will either wear pieces, use them for styling or keep them for my children and grandchildren! I feel like this is a fun way for me to personally express my love for fashion and shopping, and I have even toyed with the idea of opening a small little shop with a curation of the pieces I have found. However, if that happens, it won’t be for a while. I love vintage shopping because it allows me look through the lens of any unique style, fashion time period or aesthetic that I am feeling in that point in time. I could be shopping with a number of different filters on: glamorous, contemporary, European, NYC 1960s vibes, edgy, bohemian, you name it! Since I spend so much time mindfully building a timeless and minimal closet, as a stylist, I still need some sort of personal wardrobe fulfillment and at the moment, this is it! And it surprisingly can be cost effective. How? Comment below if you want me to write a follow up article on how I source all my vintage designer pieces at a low cost.

Here is a peak into my collection thus far and what pieces stand out to me considering my current style!

Pictured below: (Designer: Carolina Herrera yellow gown, Pierre Balmain cropped tuxedo blazer, YSL waist belt, Dior canvas print bag, Gucci mules, D&G brown strappy heels, Calvin Klein boots) (Non-designer: A pantsuit and tons of blazers!)