How To Purge Your Closet

I am getting rid of 70% of the clothes in my closet and here’s why.

I have always been a trend follower and shopaholic. I absolutely love clothes and always have. In the past, it has been easy for me to hit up H&M, Zara, or even higher end stores and buy the most “in style” item of the moment. Years later, I find a closet full of trends and items I simply will not wear. Not only is this wasteful but it also leaves me feeling a bit of buyers remorse!

I have been building my closet with a different approach in mind: less is in fact more, buy timeless pieces, and choosing quality over quantity. It may seems as though you are spending more money on a nice jacket when you could get two from Zara, however, if you choose the right items to splurge on, it can save you money down the road.

Here are some tips on how I approach closet purging:

  • Knowing yourself and your style:

    • Try to pin down your style by finding your “uniform” that fits your lifestyle, seasons, and events. For me, I always feel most comfortable in pants and tops that are breathable. I love jackets. I rarely like to wear silk or fabrics I will ruin by sweating in (natural deodorant problems).  I don’t love wearing dresses and short skirts. If you know yourself and what you will and won’t wear, then it is easier to get rid of those items in your closet and avoid buying these types of items in the future.

  • Understand what trends are worth the splurge and not:

    • Once I figure out what my go-to style is, I am then able to work different trends into it. Just because something is popular doesn’t mean I should be buying it! Sometimes I find that my pieces from years ago still hold their value and, in fact, look better on me and my body type than certain trends. When I am purchasing trendy clothes I always think to myself “will I still like this and wear this next season?” and most times, the answer is no. So I kindly back away from the cash register and hang it back up.

  • No excuses:

    • I used to justify wanting to keep clothes I never wear. Saying things like:

      • “Oh this top would be perfect if one year on Halloween I dressed as a disco queen!”

      • “This top would be great if only I had the right pants to go with it.”

      • “This dress doesn’t fit right but I love the pattern.”

      • “These shoes aren’t comfortable and I can’t walk in them but they would be so cute for a special event.”

Blah. blah. blah.

The harsh answer to this question is “let it go!” If I haven’t worn something in forever and have an excuse as to why, I can find a better home for it.

  • Think about your closet when you’re shopping:

    • If you are thinking about purchasing something, put together some outfits in your head with pieces you already own. This will determine if you will get maximum use out of the piece you are wanting to purchase!

Stay tuned for a follow up article on how we sell out clothes!


Alina & Rose