Hey everyone, I am the Alina half of Alina&Rose. I journeyed from my Northeastern home of Atlantic City, New Jersey to the sweet tea, southern culture of Nashville, Tennessee. I consider my style to be classic and simple, but I am never afraid to take risks. My perfect outfit would consist of vintage denim, a t-shirt and a great pair of sneakers. I am an ambitious, loving individual with a quirky personality that is motivated by a deep interest in the hearts of others. In short, I love people. In a perfect world in the future, I would walk the line between the fashion industry and music industry. Growing up I could be found either singing Faith Hill and ABBA at the top of my lungs or secretly reading my mother’s Vogue magazines. I have always been fascinated by the way fashion and music incorporate themselves with each other. I am drawn to these industries because they are both excellent forms of self-expression and more importantly, a form of art. With all aside I care most about you, our reader. I hope that Alina&Rose encourages you to stay bold with your fashion and spirit.



I am the Rose half of Alina&Rose. Ever since I can remember, I have been fashion obsessed and always shopping. I would describe my style as edgy and glam. I always love incorporating a strong statement into each of my looks; so much so, that I let my outfit do most of the talking. My ideal outfit would involve lots of leather and a pair of pumps. I am a strong believer that the shoes make the outfit. Originally from Connecticut, I travelled to Nashville to see what the South has to offer! Here, I grew in my love for fashion, this beautiful city, and the people I met. A perfect job for me would be a fashion stylist because I love helping people look and more importantly feel amazing. My hope for this blog is to inspire YOU, our lovely reader. I want you to know that you can wear anything you set your mind to. My advice for you is to go for it, nothing is holding you back!